Alena Shishkova Before and After

Alena Shishkova became popular thanks to her modeling career, and also her love affair with Timati, a Russian rap singer. Young woman gained popularity thanks her activity in social networks. Now she is raising a toddler daughter. Many people hailed Alena as Russia’s answer to Megan Fox.

Being originally from Tumen, the blond stunner came to conquer Moscow as a beauty pageant contestant. She has a natural slavic-type beauty, which clinched awards in variety nominations. In 2012 Alena conquered Vice Miss Russia title.

This very same victory became her golden ticket to high fashion events as a model. She signed up a contract with “Renessans” modeling agency, and after that she made steps not only on podiums in Moscow, but in Tokyo, Milan and other fashion capitals of the world. From this time she started to participate in magazines commercials of well known cosmetic brands. With increasing popularity the changes started to appear. That fact drew the eye on before and after photos and suggestions about possible plastic surgeries, that made a new look. Especially hot disputes began when her young age photos were leaked.

Alena Shishkova before and after plastic surgery

There is a list of plastic surgeries that are arrogated to Alena:

The differences, which were noticed on before and after photos, listed below.

Lips surgery

First time Alena reckoned on surgeon hands in 2011. In anticipation of “Miss Russia” beauty contest she wanted by all means attract Timaty attention. All his ex girlfriends had fuller lips, so she decided to follow their steps. Her first surgical intervention was lip augmentation, lip shape correction and volume enlargement.
This procedure became the only one, which was openly publicly declared by Alena. At her pages in social networks she even gave proof by before and after photos. Summing up all this information there is no doubt that she underwent lips surgery procedure.

Alena Shishkova lips before and after

Nose job

Since 2012, her face features appeared to be more chiseled, close to beauty standards. That gives us a cause to think, that changes touched the nose shape.
Her nostrils became narrower and more graceful, length of nose also changed, shortened. The change made a face more aristocratic, gives it a symmetry and beautiful proportions, which is not hard to notice on before and after photos. However she hasn’t reacted on hypothesis in internet and magazines, which claiming that she went through rhinoplasty. We can only guess is it the effect by rhinoplasty or may be by aging process.

Alena Shishkova nose before and after

Fillers facial sculpting

Especially active fans of Alena Shishkova expressed suspicions about her face contour and cheekbones shape in hot discussions under her instagram photos. Such contrast can be found on her snaps after 2013. Comparing before and after photos, cheeks became plumper and cheekbones more structured and hollow now.

Alena Shishkova face before and after

Even though, contour and volume of cheeks can change thanks to weight loss. There was a big hype with her nearly anorexic snaps. Besides, the model keeps strict with her dieting and regularly visits gym. That’s why her new look may be not the result of filler sculpting so far, but the result of healthy lifestyle and balanced diet, or, may be, special sculpting massage complex.

Brow lift

Hard to disagree that Alena`s brows became darker and bushy by cosmetic procedures only. Browlift procedure cures not just shape, but pulls them up, corrects signs of maturity.

Alena Shishkova brow before and after

That type of transformation can been performed as less invasive or made by fillers. Obviously, woman in her 20s didn’t get such type of skin changes as deep wrinkles. Any evidences like scars are absent so far.

Eye surgery

Judging by appearance of her eyes, their shape and size, pictured on before and after photos, they became narrower, almond-shaped, Alena probably underwent eye surgery. Thanks to this procedure, lower eyelids lifted. Such manipulations at young age create the different eye shape, cat eye look, saucy glance.

Are this natural changes that seen through before and after photos, or is this a work of a surgeon?

Alena Shishkova plastic surgery before and after photo

Alena didn’t confirm or dispel suspicions about her plastic surgery. That gives an apportunity to her fans to discuss, is she into plastic surgery or facebuilding, a facial gymnastics?

All listed surgical manipulations could make an impact on Alena`s face, the look that enslaves hearts all over the world. The fact of possible plastic surgery still remains to be proven.

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