Angelina Jolie Before and After

Angelina Jolie is worthily convicted as one of the most beautiful women of our times, and millions of women chose her as an example for imitation. Her effective appearance, particular style and her sensual lips, no doubt, are eye-catching. Nevertheless, at school she was an object of mocking, and for a long time she was ashamed of her look. How much her appearance changed, whether plastic surgeons have taken a part in these transformations or not?

Hollywood laws are harsh, for any age, loss of young look entails a lack of new roles, fame and appreciation of fans. That’s why stars of global cinematograph take special care of their appearance and physical condition, willing to be on first page as long as possible. Jolie is not an exception, she follows a strict diet combined with exhausting workouts. There is a little chance that perfect dieting would keep youth and beauty, so the alternative way is to take the opportunity of plastic surgery.

Angelina`s face impresses with its freshness and smooth relief, can’t univocally assert that it’s a merit of plastic surgery, but it’s possible to achieve by laser, acid peelings or other likewise cosmetic procedures.

Besides, her eye shape changed a bit compared with her early photos, it may have surgical nature or aging changes. But some of changes can be spotted and regarded as possible surgical intervention.

Let’s consider the following transformation:


Nose shape is the reason most people use to find fault with their appearance. According to statistics, the only one thing that makes people displeased with themselves, is nose shape. And world-known star is no different. Comparing before and after photos, clearly seen that her bridge of the nose became narrower, nose tip became pointed and structured, Jolie demonstrates accurate roman profile instead of upturned slightly bulge nose.

Angelina Jolie nose before and after photo

Well, that kind of transformation does a power of good, her appearance has just won and became more vibrant. Beautiful and so feminine Angelina didn’t become a regular client of plastic surgeon. Albeit several changes she didn’t lose individuality in pursuit of excellence.

Chin implant

Comparing young age photos with nowaday snaps of main Hollywood beauty-idol, the difference is noticeable. In her teens future star hasn’t got such delineated sharp cheekbones, also chin had totally different shape.

Angelina Jolie chin before and after photo

Whether it connected with aging and Jolie`s sudden weight loss, or there is any other reason, hard to say. If any surgical work had been performed, it was made with excellence. Yes, chin changed its form and geometry, and surgeons allege the reason is a chin implant, but we don’t have particular evidence. By the way Angelina repeatedly tells that she has a quite indifferent attitude to plastic surgery, but hasn’t taken any by herself. Is it true or false we can only guess.


In 2009 the whole internet went crazy about new photo: behind the ear Angelina has a miniature scar. Same defect often appears after undergone facelift, that’s why fans took closer look. Despite the slightly notable mark, final reason hasn’t been revealed. The alternative reason is the star made an otoplastic, which leaves the same type of scar.

Angelina Jolie cheeks before and after photo

There is no particular answer on the questionable fact of facelift, besides the face didn’t have changed in general.

Angelina Jolie face before and after photo

Famous Angelina Jolie Lips

Angelina has full sensual lips since childhood, and comparing with fresh snaps it didn’t change a lot. But from mid 90’s to 2000’s her volume and shape of upper lip increased, cupid`s bow became more shapely. There is no doubt that Angelina has got naturally full lips, but on the crest of the wave of lips megalomania, she might been used fillers or botox, as volume of upper lip expanded and then brought back to normal.

Angelina Jolie lips before and after photo

Angelina Jolie Plastic Surgery transformation

Thus and so drawing a parallel between before and after photos, clearly seen that her appearance changed. Particular possible procedures:

  • Rhinoplasty. Nose shape has definitely undergone a change, that’s why most of fans sure Angelina undergone this procedure;
  • Facelift. That may been proven by little scar behind the ear, although other evidence are absent;
  • Chin implant. Comparing before and after photo, shows that this treatment might been taken, but Angelina didn’t approve this information;
  • Cheekbones and chin became more vibrant.

Angelina Jolie plastic surgery before and after photo

Seems, even one of the most beautiful women of the world has recourse to plastic surgery. Angelina Jolie looks amazing, and she continues to be a sex-symbol thus far. Though surgeons may have connections with these transformations, they performed it so neat and nicely that we haven’t got any discernible evidence.

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Lucy Hunter-Kerr
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