Madonna Before and After

The first person who comes into my mind, when I imagine person who kicks aging ass, is definitely Madonna. Time must be works on her.

Madonna (Madonna Louise Ciccone) was born on the 16th of August 1958 in Bay City, Michigan. During her long career she proves that she is not an ordinary “star”, but a real barriers breaker. Madonna has made an unimaginable impact on music scene, fashion, dance, the whole pop-culture and she still makes this. She pushes artistic boundaries provokes and challenges an audience, more of that she pushing taboos and makes a real big deal. Nowadays she speaks against to ageism. During the interview with Jonathan Ross she said:

And that is that once you reach a certain age, you’re not allowed to be adventurous, you’re not allowed to be sexual and I think that’s rather hideous. … Is there a rule? What are you just supposed to DIE when you’re 40? That’s basically what everybody wants people to do.

Madonna had a heart-shaped face. Jaw line was wide with no clear angle over the cheek. Lip shape was mixed cupid with pointy natural, quite thin with a peaked cupid’s bow. Her smile is barely gummy with notable gap teeth. Chin had a soft and round outline. On the face profile photo it had a light signs of a weak chin. Before the era of dieting, four-hour workouts and so on Madonna already had an athletic, well built body.

Madonna plastic surgery photo

Below I point out topics at which I’ll take a closer look:

At first sight Madonna’s beauty looks pure, untouched, “like a virgin”; nature gave her the brawny, slim body, and her face has its special inner beauty with remarkable twist. But I am hundred percent sure that the maintenance of the beauty is worth a lot to Madonna, it is a great merit of her. Her persistence talent, diligence, skill to achieve the goals and the constant work on herself deserve special respect.

Unfortunately, time takes its toll, and Madonna isn’t an exception. Time inevitably tries to take his own. Occasionally paparazzo catch Madonna with no make-up on or her exhausted face after long working day. And afterwards she appears a fresh look with no sign of aging on her face. How does she manage it?

Madonna’s perfect appearance is still a closed book. Internet is full of various rumors about what plastic surgery she had made, or didn’t she make any? I believe we all can say, “Definitely”. An answer at the question (what exact procedures which had been performed) can be given only by Madonna, her cosmetologist and/or surgeon.

Madonna before and after

With ageing, skin starts to lose substances that are responsible for elasticity and volume, mainly because of the changes in hormone balance. It’s hard to believe that only yoga, diet or whatever can make your skin perfectly smooth without sagging.

As for Madonna herself she claims that she is using only “special” crèmes. Peelings and anti-aging crèmes can help a little. But I, personally, don’t believe that they can made forehead smooth that much like hers, for example. In my opinion, anti-gravity actions have taken place to be but less invasive ones. Wrinkles removed nicely. But who knows, may be face yoga or face aerobics can do that much impact.

Commonly, subtile women acquire noticeably hollowness on the eye and cheek areas with age. Such things make a face visibly older. Fillers injections are the simplest and fastest way to restore a youthful appearance of face and plump up the skin.


Her face shape changed. Primarily because of hard work at gym, strict diets and creating the slender body have made her face gaunter. Besides cheeks are tend to lose fat as they get older. Madonna was more fuller-faced when she was young. So we come to conclusion that she made some manipulations with cheeks. Because… look at this upper cheeks! Cheek pads are lifted became higher, rounded apple cheeks and jaw line became more sculpted, jaw is thinner on the contrast. She might have temporary fillers made of hyaluronic acid which are injected deep into to lift tissues.

Madonna facelift photo

We can have a long discuss, what kind of plastic surgery had been performed. I believe that is apparently a mix of rejuvenating endoscopic intervention combined with blepharoplasty. In addition to laser rejuvenation, beauty injections and other cosmetic procedures also might have been performed. The face volume possibly has been reconstructed by creating the chiseled cheekbone’s contour and fullness of the lips, most likely, by a combination of fillers with lipofilling.


In the young age Madonna’s natural eyes is slightly puffy, especially lower eyelid. On some photos you can notice lightly hooded eyes. Her eyes have a fresh youthful look. Even at young age she had a slightly hooded eyes, now her upper eyelid looks tight. It’s possibly made by eyelid surgery. Procedure of blepharoplasty treats such problems as bags under the eyes, loose or sagging skin folding and disturbing upper eyelid natural contour, wrinkles or puffiness in the eyelids.

Madonna Eyelift photo

Nose Job

Nose was mildly wide, kind of Grecian type with tension tip and flaring nostrils back in the day. As for rhinoplasty it’s an uncertain question for me, in my opinion, apparently, she hasn’t had severe surgical interventions. Her nose became narrower and more pointed. May be the shape was restructured and balanced through fillers or by closed rhinoplasty in early 90’s.

Madonna nosejob before and after photo

Lip Injections

Back in the 90’s Madonna have had a “bee-stung” fuller lips made by collagen injections. At least today Madonna’s lip volume is looks more like her “natural”. Lips might have a little more volume and are plumper now, contour of lower lip is fuller than at young age. The result can be reached by lip injections/filler procedure.

Madonna lips injections photo


Speaking about orthodontics, I see a difference her teeth gap is closer, but she still has it, tooth surface are smoother and straightened, color is brighter. May be after stomatological manipulations, may be after injections in upper lip, her smile isn’t gummy anymore.

Madonna Plastic Surgery transformation

I want to pay attention to the high professional quality of persons who are helping her to stay young with saving individual traits with no visible sign of surgery. When anybody can’t determine when and what manipulations have been performed, that gives your patient a freedom to tell everyone, “It was made by diet and yoga”.

Madonna Before and After plastic surgery

In any case Madonna still looks like the same person (You’ll see in her Facebook and Instagram). Any plastic surgeries that have been performed were made to prevent ageing, but not freeze a signs of youth, very delicate work without megalomania. Madonna has a fresh looking appearance and she’s still rocking with her natural beauty. Madonna is a person who aging back.

Madonna – one of the most beautiful and memorable women in the world. After all, she always looks fresh, full of life, willing to surprise society. She is still rocking at the tops of charts almost 30 years in a row and does it her special way! At least, agree that more important for all of us is to stay young at heart.

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Lucy Hunter-Kerr
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