Me :)Hello! My name is Lucy Hunter-Kerr, I’m from San Diego, as for today living on the outskirts.

Except my passion for tennis and art, I always was tempted by hot news from Hollywood about current projects, upcoming events, fresh start of somebody’s new relationship. You’ll never get too old for Jennifer Aniston’s marriage or for the most stylish dress on the red carpet.

But there’s always been a thing that have bothered me most of all, it is a huge tidal wave of shame approaching the celebrity, that was noticed in making plastic surgeries. I mean, it is a common thing, and, by my opinion, everyone’s personal decision should be respected and treated right. Also, I think, nobody should be targeted by information based on “imperfect angle” photo analysis.

I have been overthinking the idea for a long time, stars have been aligned and I’ve came up to decision create this site. The site that doesn’t shame anyone, but shows the way that me, you and everyone else can use, site that doesn’t provoke and plays on feelings, respects other decisions and cherishes the beauty, I’m only guessing without assert.

I’m not a professional writer, I’m just writing posts based on my favorite topics and providing a photo argumentation to have a general discussion. I expect from you a participation in that very discussions 🙂

If you fancy my site or a post, please, rate it by sharing a link, telling your friends or giving 5 stars. I’ll be very pleased!

Best Regards, Lucy
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