Celebrities with Ears Surgery

Prominent ears is a common occurrence, 5% of the population have these type of ears, so celebrities are no exclusion. Some of them chosen to have an otoplasty to correct protrusion, shape and other esthetic characteristics. At times, before and after photos of celebrities show an explicit changes, here are presented some of possible examples.

    Brad Pitt Before and After

    Besides what some may think, male actors in Hollywood are also not immune to the insecurities when it comes to their appearances. While plastic surgeries are definitely not as popular among men as they are among women, a lot of actors resort to the cosmetic procedures and surgeries to keep their youthful appearances. Here, I […]

    Alessandra Ambrosio Before and After

    There is no doubt that modeling industry is especially hard on people when it comes to their appearance, which is why various plastic surgeries are extremely common among both famous models and the ones that are at still the beginning of their careers. Sometimes it’s extremely difficult to tell whether a certain model had plastic […]