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Speaking about Kardashians hard not to remember the phrase “like father like son”, or should I say like mother like daughters in this case 😉 Kim Kardashian no doubt took after Kris Jenner, her natural beauty, also passion of being in the middle of attention, strong independent businesswoman figure and, I suppose, interest in cosmetic and surgical procedures.

Kim Kardashian was born October 21, 1980, in Los Angeles, California. She is the second child of Kris Jenner and Rob Kardashian. She is that kind of celebrity, which leaves no one indifferent. Comparing before and after photos, her transformation started to begin in 2007 just on the eve of gaining her popularity and appearing the reality television series “Keeping Up with Kardashians”.
Now she is a popular media personality, which isn’t stop filming her own life. The one person that has monetized fame better, gives dozen of interviews, Mirror quotes her claim:

I’m totally not against plastic surgery

Well, Kim, we also believe you are not 😉 Down below I listed some manipulations, which, probably, had been performed.

Kim Kardashian before and after photo

Nose job

Kim by herself denies this procedure. But it is clearly noticeable the tip of her nose became more pointier, sharper and structured. Overlook appearance of Kim`s nose changed from slight bulbous and long to elegant and a bit shorter, narrow and chiseled. Comparing before and after photos, the nose tip throws slight shadow on bridge of the nose, that fact drives us to conclusion the tip was turned up. It can be performed by surgeon, or made by cosmetologist through the use of fillers, but is should be performed by highly professional specialist to held such a delicate work with a great natural-looking result.

Kim Kardashian nosejob before and after

From these changes, thanks to plastic surgery or not, her face approached exquisite beauty. Which, again, approves the fact: the nose plays a very important role. Face seems to get more fine traits and better proportions in general.

Kim Kardashian nose before and after photo

Is it really depend on how nose is contoured or the nose shape change is the result of plastic surgery? That secret hasn’t been revealed yet, so we can only guess.

Kim Kardashian nose before and after

Cheeks implants and face injections

May we call Kim the main popularizer of makeup trends? Hell yes, as for me, I call her the main trend setter of contouring, she shows her contouring make up process, a number of times, after that was strobing trend and God knows what else are going to happen. Believe it or not contouring can really help to sculpt face, but it can’t literally cope with real face shape.

Kim Kardashian cheek implants before and after

On before and after photos we can spot on remarkable changes. Precisely, apples of her cheeks appear to be volumed up comparing to sunken cheeks before, cheekbones became fractured. This appearance is standing still during few years, so we may suggest there were used facial implants or facial fat transfer. Also, slimmer face effect could be reached by botox injections.

Kim Kardashian facelift before and after

Kim by herself posted photos and video of facelift process by her own blood injections. That procedure is so-called non-surgical facelift. It affects skin layers and rejuvenates the skin by self blood formula that speeds up activity of cell repair.

Kim Kardashian faceshape change before and after

Sum up all this facts, her changes of face volume may be result of makeup artist work, a surgeon or cosmetologist.


Kim Kardashian has full lips since childhood. Even though, on some snaps they became plumper. May be some of the shots have been made in the period of gaining weight, or time when filler make them bigger. Kim’s upper lip looks steady plumper and pointy on after photos then on before ones, is it effect from implants or botox, hard to say.

Kim Kardashian lips before and after

All possible procedures was performed to prevent losing lips their natural volume, to make their shape well balanced and symmetrical.


Kim_Kardashian eyelift before and after

The under eye area on Kim’s early photos looks hooded and slightly drooping, even in teens, so it is an individual particular feature. And after checking against before and after photos, we may see that area has smooth transition between the lower eyelid and cheek; there are no bags, or whatsoever.

Kim Kardashian eyes before and after photos

There are several things that can cause such effect; fillers, that had been used to correct, smooth and distribute the volume in under eye area, or it is the magic of makeup; the plastic surgery like lower eyelid blepharoplasty is unlikely but not impossible.

Kim Kardashian before and after plastic surgery

Kim Kardashian changed a lot and still keeps changing. All transformations are clear to see on before and after photos. Are they make her look better or not, what is your opinion?

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Lucy Hunter-Kerr
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