Celebrities after Facelift

A facial aging is not long in coming. Personally, I don’t think that this procedure is held against nature, for me it has only aesthetical nature. All our life is leaving a traces on our face, living healthy, active, making money with no night shifts making face look better, younger and fresh. It touches every person anyway, and facelift prevents this to happen, there are procedures to slow down the process of aging or make a complete youthification. Other facelift parameters are reconstructing volume and shape, removing wrinkles.

Comparing before and after photos you, probably, didn’t notice anyone who was 60 and after this procedure looks like teen. Proper facelift just restores your own anatomy, also turning back gravity process and effects of repeated animation of the face. Below you can get a good look at possible examples of celebrities facelift.

    Brad Pitt Before and After

    Besides what some may think, male actors in Hollywood are also not immune to the insecurities when it comes to their appearances. While plastic surgeries are definitely not as popular among men as they are among women, a lot of actors resort to the cosmetic procedures and surgeries to keep their youthful appearances. Here, I […]

    Kim Kardashian Before and After

    Speaking about Kardashians hard not to remember the phrase “like father like son”, or should I say like mother like daughters in this case 😉 Kim Kardashian no doubt took after Kris Jenner, her natural beauty, also passion of being in the middle of attention, strong independent businesswoman figure and, I suppose, interest in cosmetic […]

    Kris Jenner Before and After

    Today we will speak about great woman and notable person in the world of television – Kristen Mary «Kris» Jenner. She was born in San Diego in 1955. Simple family of an engineer and a housewife. Her childhood hardly can be called happy, as when she was seven years old her parents divorced. Then her […]

    Marie Osmond Before and After

    Wanting to maintain youthful and fresh appearance is a natural desire of people, especially women, and luckily nowadays there are numerous methods that we can use to reverse the aging process. Plastic surgeries are not something uncommon in Hollywood where looks play a huge role in how successful a celebrity can be. Today, I decided […]

    Madonna Before and After

    The first person who comes into my mind, when I imagine person who kicks aging ass, is definitely Madonna. Time must be works on her. Madonna (Madonna Louise Ciccone) was born on the 16th of August 1958 in Bay City, Michigan. During her long career she proves that she is not an ordinary “star”, but […]