Kris Jenner Before and After

Today we will speak about great woman and notable person in the world of television – Kristen Mary «Kris» Jenner.

She was born in San Diego in 1955. Simple family of an engineer and a housewife. Her childhood hardly can be called happy, as when she was seven years old her parents divorced. Then her mother found businessman who became her husband. From that time the life of Kris and her mother has become more interesting and prosperous.
With the plane of time Jenner understood that her ideal work should be connected with television. That’s why she moved to Los Angeles where she started to work hard in this field.

There she got acquainted with the lawyer Robert Kardashian who has become her husband. In this marriage four children were born. At this time Kris managed to open her own real show Keeping Up with Kardashians that brought her success. Unfortunately Kris and Robert divorced despite children and good business.

Kris Jenner before and after

Her second marriage was taken with former Olympian Bruce Jenner, with whom Kris had two children. This marriage was not good idea as Bruce though that his life would be better if he was a woman. So not so long time ago they divorced as Bruce has become Caitlyn. Yes, life unexpected.

Despite hard life and different problems Kris Jenner looks great in her 60. And don’t forget that she gave birth to six children! Six.. not all women can do this at least for three times, actually. And nevertheless her figure looks gorgeous. Why? If to speak honestly, it’s not a secret that she has done some plastic surgeries. But still let’s understand how much plastic surgery has Kris Jenner had, because now there are lots of different opinions according to Kris Jenner before and after photos.

In my opinion Kris could make next changes:

There are some myths about possible surgeries of such a great woman like Kris Jenner and from the sight of unprofessional it’s hard to state that this or that manipulations were done. I spent a lot of time browsing her Facebook, so looking on photos and comparing them I can make some conclusions. They may be mistaken, but that’s my own opinion. So let’s start to look what changes Kris Jenner definitely came through and how it resulted on her appearance.


I’m sure that without some plastics it’s hard to look like Kris looks in 60 years. And when I look on her photographs, I see that she definitely made facelift, as her appearance has become fresher as some years ago. Besides there is information from many authoritative media sources that she has made this surgery before the wedding of her daughter Kim.

Kris Jenner facelift before and after photo

Botox Injections

Kris told that she has done lots of botox injections herself. I see that too. But this time it’s pretty. I mean that such kind of plastics was qualitative enough and that didn’t worsen her looks.

Kris Jenner botox injections before and after photo

Cheek and Chin fillers

If to speak about this plastic surgery, then I should say that it was definitely done. It is seen for the first sight. It’s enough to compare two photos of Kris in 2011 taking into consideration the beginning of year and it’s and. Besides in her show Kris said that she made this surgery because her daughter Kim hinted that her “chin wanted to hang to waist“. That’s why Kris lifted it up.

Kris Jenner cheeks and chin before and after photo

In this case there is no information that Kris has made this operation, but as for me her cheeks look very impressive. It’s not obvious but still unnatural.

Veneer & Dentures

Kris might not took a complete dentistry, but there is clearly some slightly improvement had been made. Teeth became brighter and more pearly than earlier, it’s possibly the result of veneers.


Probably, Kris Jenner has passed through this kind of plastic surgery. Looking at all her photos I can note that her nose might been touched by surgeons. The main thing is that with the plenty of time the asymmetry of her nose reduced. And i see differences in her nose-tip before and after, now it is pointy.

Kris Jenner nosejob before and after photo

After all surgeries Kris Jenner told public that she would never make any surgery again as she was afraid of narcosis.

And i probably will never do anything again, because it’s kind of scaring me.

Kris Jenner Plastic Surgery Transformations

Looking at Jenner now at her 60 years I understand that for me it doesn’t important what plastic surgery has Kris Jenner had. For me it’s more significant how the person looks like in the late years. Kris Jenner before and after plastic surgery looks gorgeous, taking into consideration her hard life way and her six labors.

If a person has an opportunity to make her appearance better, then I like it. It’s cool that woman in her 60 don’t lie on the sofa and complains on her bad health I’m sure that her children are proud of their mother.

Kris Jenner before and after plastic surgery

All done surgeries haven’t made her appearance awful. All plastic manipulations are of a high quality, what makes her beautiful.

Besides, now she has relationships with a very handsome man who is 35 years younger. That’s why she has inspiration to look brilliant for her beloved. And this time not surgeries will make her young, but her feelings and happiness.

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Lucy Hunter-Kerr
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