Celebrities with Forehead & Brow Lift

Forehead comes across aging at first row. Especially emotional persons, actors and musicians, celebrities, whom repeatedly animation also directly affects deeping folds on forehead. Forehead and brow lift tasks differ from person to person. Most common effect is to prevent aging, but other is to change the facial expression. Peep at the changes before and after photos.

    Brad Pitt Before and After

    Besides what some may think, male actors in Hollywood are also not immune to the insecurities when it comes to their appearances. While plastic surgeries are definitely not as popular among men as they are among women, a lot of actors resort to the cosmetic procedures and surgeries to keep their youthful appearances. Here, I […]

    Lara Flynn Boil Before and After

    Lara Flynn Boil was born 24 March, 1970, Davenport, USA. She started her acting career in 1987, but became popular three years thence, as Donna Hayward character in Twin Peaks series. After that she has roles in “Threesome”, “Red rock West”, “The Practice”, “Happiness”, “Huff”, “Have Dreams, Will Travel”, “Men in Black II”, episodic roles […]

    Alena Shishkova Before and After

    Alena Shishkova became popular thanks to her modeling career, and also her love affair with Timati, a Russian rap singer. Young woman gained popularity thanks her activity in social networks. Now she is raising a toddler daughter. Many people hailed Alena as Russia’s answer to Megan Fox. Being originally from Tumen, the blond stunner came […]

    Megan Fox Before and After

    It’s difficult to surprise anyone with Hollywood makeovers and plastic surgeries because they are so common. At the same time, there are not many female celebrities in Hollywood that are discussed in association with plastic surgeries more than Megan Fox. Everyone seems to have their own opinion on what plastic surgery has been endured by […]

    Marie Osmond Before and After

    Wanting to maintain youthful and fresh appearance is a natural desire of people, especially women, and luckily nowadays there are numerous methods that we can use to reverse the aging process. Plastic surgeries are not something uncommon in Hollywood where looks play a huge role in how successful a celebrity can be. Today, I decided […]